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Butler Ink is a literary service, based in Mt. Dora, Florida, dedicated to reviving and rejuvenating the fine and failing art of written communication. Everyone has a story to tell. Whether in a letter, an epic poem, a bestselling novel, a non-fiction work, or a resume, your piece needs to express exactly what you want to say and compel your audience to listen. In the listening, lies the magic. Bathe your reader in the warm glow of effective communication, precise understanding, and enlightenment. Write not only to give life to your stories, but write in such a way that those same stories give life to you.


Butler Ink’s mission is to help others bring their stories to life, in whatever form. Together we can create work that holds intrinsic value for all of us and presents your visions with pride, style and imagination.


Nature inspires me – her colors, her moods, her movements. An Alaskan grizzly cub, a conch shell in the Florida Keys or a starry night in New Mexico - all evoke my imagination. Inspiration is everywhere. Why people live where they do and how they got there, where they’re going and why, who went before them? Breathe some inspiration into your work. A double rainbow, a lacy spider web, a brooding squall line all have life. Conjure your muse from whatever inspires you. A book, an article, or a letter transmitting your resume all need to speak to your readers. Drop them down the rabbit hole from the start, be it the first sentence, paragraph or page. Transport them to your world - real or imaginary - and captivate them with your story. Leave them longing for more.

– Marsha L. Butler

Spread Your Wings and Fly!

Praise for Butler Ink

“Marsha's eye for whittling away at the excesses in a manuscript is keen indeed. My novel is definitely a better book today than it was a month ago. It was a joy working with her.”

—Ken Pelham, A Place of Fear, 2012

“I cannot tell a lie: Marsha is an awesome editor.”

—Chris Coward, Stone Perfect, 2012

“Your editing of my original manuscript, advice, and reference materials on how to write a novel, all set me on the right path to the final draft.”

—Joe Vassallo, The Kingdom, 2011

“You have the unique ability to edit anybody regardless of profession or level of education. Your edits are not just remedial but really contribute to the overall power of an article.”

—Eric Munscher Central Florida Freshwater Turtle Research Group, 2010

Marsha Butler