Butler Ink Rates

Research$35-50/hr.; $75/hr. for legalButler Ink has over twenty years of legal research experience, as well as factual and historical research and interview skills.

Writing$25-40/hr.Butler Ink specializes in creative nonfiction. Nonfiction doesn’t have to be boring but it does have to be factual, concise and clear. It can also be colorful, interesting and compelling. Let Butler Ink breathe additional life into your work.

Editing$25–50/hr.—Fiction and nonfiction:

Developmental editing ~ Substantive editing
Line editing ~ Copy editing
Book reviews ~ Manuscript evaluations

Proofreading$20-30/hr.—Two important rules of proofreading:

1. Never send your final version to the printer without having it proofread by a professional.

Proofreading is usually the last line of defense before a piece appears in print. Don’t try to do a final proof of your own work. By the time you’ve finished writing, mistakes no longer jump out at you.

2. Don’t bother proofreading before your final version is ready to print.

Editorial changes, revisions/deletions and rewrites can render earlier proofreads worthless. Save your money for the final proof.

Butler Ink negotiates project costs individually, after an initial review of the project and consultation with the prospective client. Minimum hourly rate for any service is $25 per hour or any part thereof. Higher hourly rates may apply, depending on the nature and scope of the project and its editorial needs, as determined by the client and Butler Ink. Most projects can be negotiated for a flat fee, based on the number of hours estimated to complete the project.

Variants, such as the quality of your writing, the condition of the manuscript as presented, and the type of service contracted for, all determine the price and whether or not the price will be a flat or hourly rate. For example, a line edit of a completed, final draft manuscript would be a flat rate, while a developmental project in which the editor works with the author as he/she is writing the book would be billed on at an hourly rate.

Project Costs

Base rates for line editing novels or nonfiction: $500-1,200 (40,000-100,000 words); less than 40,000 words—$25/hr.

Final price determination will be base rate plus or minus a variant quotient. E.g., if you are an accomplished writer and have a smooth flowing final draft of a 100,000-word novel, your flat rate would likely be the base rate of $1,200, minus $200 to $300, reflecting the faster pace at which your work could be edited. If you are a first-time author and you need more help with the craft of writing, the flat rate for your 100,000-word novel would likely be the base rate of $1,200 plus a variant quotient of $200 to $300, reflecting the additional time that it would take to edit your work. The flat rate (base rate plus variant quotient) is negotiated upfront and set forth in a Letter Agreement executed between client and Butler Ink.

• Base rates for manuscript evaluations: $150-$250
• Base rates for book conversions: $100-150 (Kindle e-book)
• Print-on-demand: $150-200 (Create Space)
• E-book & POD: $250-300
Other Services: Inquire locally

Free Sample Edit

Butler Ink will provide a free sample edit of any portion of your work (up to ten-pages, double-spaced) at no charge to you. This service is available to new clients only and is designed to allow you to see if our editing services fit your needs.

Marsha Butler