“Marsha's eye for whittling away at the excesses in a manuscript is keen indeed. My novel is definitely a better book today than it was a month ago. It was a joy working with her.”

—Ken Pelham, A Place of Fear, 2013

“My manuscript needed a fresh set of eyes. Your editing makes Imperfect Acts a better read, and I enjoyed working with you.”

—Peter Shianna, Imperfect Acts, 2013

“I am going through the book regarding your helpful comments. You were well worth the money.”

—David Cottle, The Accidental Heiress, 2013

“You do have a gift as an editor. Your writing is excellent.”

—Jane Freeman, Cross Over, 2013

“Your edits are nuggets of gold.”

—Anne Powell, Big Sister: A Journey of Genes & Heart, 2013

“I cannot tell a lie: Marsha is an awesome editor.”

—Chris Coward, Stone Perfect, 2013

“You are such a light unto me. So beautifully glad I have someone at the other end watching over this work…so glad, glad.”

—Adele Azar-Rucquoi, The Nun and the Bum, 2012

“In graduate school, my editing professor said that some editors excel at substantive edits, some excel at line edits, and some excel at doing overall reviews. In his decades of experience, he’d never met an editor who could do justice to all three tasks. Neither had I—until I met you. I am in awe of your sharp eye, insight, and grace. Thank you for so much help!”

—Chris Coward, Stone Perfect, 2012

“Thanks for your extraordinary editing skills and advice. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

—Bob Dias, The People Count, 2011

“Your editing of my original manuscript, advice, and reference materials on how to write a novel, all set me on the right path to the final draft.”

—Joe Vassallo, The Kingdom, 2011

“Your editing looks great. I like the fact that you look at tightening the writing rather than just making changes.”

— S.L. Dwyer, Dirt, 2010

“You are very good at what you do and a valuable resource for any serious writer. You have the sharpest eye of any editor I have ever seen. Lady, you rock.”

—David Carl Mielke, Executive Deceit, 2010

“What more can I say about an editor who loves what she does, knows what's right, and inspires you to do your best?”

—R.F. McClure, Winder Hollow, 2010

“You have the unique ability to edit anybody regardless of profession or level of education. Your edits are not just remedial but really contribute to the overall power of an article.”

—Eric Munscher, Central Florida Freshwater Turtle Research Group, 2010