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Dream of writing The Great American Novel? Need a writing coach? Need an editor? Want quality editing at reasonable prices? Want to learn how to edit your way to success? Then come fly with us! Let us be the wind beneath your wings.

Butler Ink is an editing service, based in Mt. Dora, Florida, dedicated to reviving and rejuvenating the fine and failing art of written communication. Everyone has a story to tell. Whether you are writing a query letter, a synopsis, a best-selling novel, a memoir, a short story, or a non-fiction book, your piece needs to express exactly what you want to say and compel your audience to listen. In the listening, lies the magic. Bathe your reader in the warm glow of effective communication, precise understanding, and enlightenment. Write to not only give life to your stories, but write so that those same stories give life to your readers and to you.

Butler Ink draws from over forty years of experience in writing, editing, proofreading, and research to offer a wide range of literary services at affordable prices:

  • Writing – Query letters, book reviews, back cover “blurb” content
  • Editing – Developmental, substantive, and line
  • Proofreading
  • Manuscript evaluations
  • Editorial consults
  • E-book conversion, formatting, and layout (we do it or teach you how)
  • Print-on-demand file conversions
  • Preliminary marketing consults
  • Group presentations

Come with Us - Let’s Fly!

Praise for Butler Ink

“Your edits are nuggets of gold.”

—Anne Powell, Big Sister:
A Journey of Genes & Heart,

“In graduate school, my editing professor said that some editors excel at substantive edits, some excel at line edits, and some excel at doing overall reviews. In his decades of experience, he’d never met an editor who could do justice to all three tasks. Neither had I—until I met you. I am in awe of your sharp eye, insight, and grace. Thank you for so much help!”

—Chris Coward, Stone Perfect, 2012

“Thanks for your extraordinary editing skills and advice. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

—Bob Dias, The People Count, 2011

“You are very good at what you do and a valuable resource for any serious writer. You have the sharpest eye of any editor I have ever seen. Lady, you rock.”

—David Carl Mielke, Executive Deceit, 2010

Marsha Butler